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      SNEI provides a full range of construction services, both in China and overseas. SNEI had taken part in construction of more than one hundred sets of national key petrochemical projects, and constructed hundreds of large- and medium- scaled petrochemical plants. The Construction Group maintains high quality by adhering to strict construction procedures and employing the most up-to-date techniques. Progress and costs are carefully monitored to ensure they conform to the schedule and budget. Safety is the foremost concern of SNEI. Since we continually strive to raise safety standards, improve work methods, and achieve a safe, accident-free jobsite, SNEI has compiled an outstanding safety record, with a score of citations from both the public and private sector.

     In the past years, SNEI had successfully cooperated with many international famous engineering companies, and experienced overseas construction in Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, etc. SNEI has great advantage in construction of catalytic cracking, hydro cracking, refine, reforming, PX, PTA, PP, EO/EG, LDPE, heavy lifting, large storage tank, sphere tank, Cryogenic ethylene storage, long-distance piping, etc., and create many domestic construction records.


     By assembling our construction teams during the early stages of project execution, the design group can include in its design a full range of constructability and value engineering while at the same time the construction group becomes familiar with the design, enabling it to plan its efforts in advance. 


     Since 2008, SNEI in Construction of petrochemical plants, centering on four larges and one special:

    (1)lifting and installation of large equipment;

    (2)installation of large machine sets;

    (3)installation of large storage tanks;

    (4)installation of large DCS/ESD;

    (5)welding of special materials


     Due to the complex logistics of most construction projects (involving the right people, getting equipment to the site at the right time and processing all the necessary documentation) , SNEI``s network of construction resources  in the head-office facilitates the effective mobilization of advanced equipment and skilled construction people around the world. Real time communication and action through WEB is providing best service between site and offices.

SNEI``s construction teams are innovative and challengeable in resolving the difficulties encountered at various jobsites, whether working with other SNEI teams, construction teams of other company, or subcontractors.

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