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       As one new engineering service, the engineering design of combined utilities becomes increasingly necessary and important. Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Company has comparative advantages and overall capability in terms of disciplines and staffing in this field. The company has accumulated rich engineering experiences in the technologies of oil products and chemicals storage and transportation and low temperature storage, and has gained many achievements in construction technology and management.  Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Company has a national central station of powder engineering design technique and a central station of engineering powder design technique of Sinopec, which have been used as the technology platform of solid powder and pellet conveying industry and the technical support for undertaking engineering design projects. As for thermal energy engineering, the company has a specialized thermal engineering research institute and a national thermal energy engineering design technique center that are favorable to the absorption, assimilation and enhancement of relevant technologies,  which cover: (1) large and middle scaled integrated utilities; (2) storage and transportation of oil products, natural gas and chemicals, and low temperature olefins and LNG storage; (3) large and middle scaled air separation and air compression; (4) solid powder and pellet conveying; (5) industrial and civil buildings.


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