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      The company has devoted itself to the technological development of the scale-up, localization and engineering optimization in the desulfuration and sulfur recovery technologies of refineries, and has applied relevant patents and possessed its own proprietary technologies. As for water circulation and utilization, the company has been engaged in the R&D and engineering design of auxiliary waste water treatment facilities of chemical and petrochemical plants, and has accumulated abundant experiences in petrochemical wastewater membrane separation technology. It has also carried out research and development of the technology for centralized treatment of industrial water actively. It has possessed the technical advantages in sea water desalination through active cooperation with research institutions and by learning and absorbing international advanced technologies, covering: (1) desulfuration, denitration and sulfur recovery including desulfuration and sulfur recovery in refineries, natural gas desulfuration and sulfur recovery, FCCU flue gas desulfurization and denitration, and desulfuration and denitration in power generation plants and boiler systems, etc.; (2) water circulation and re-utilization including waste water treatment and re-utilization; (3) sea water desalination; (4) clean energy and new energy development.


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