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Areas of Petrochemicals Deep Processing and Fine Chemicals Production

      The company has devoted itself to the engineering design for the production of benzene series chemicals, esp. benzene series intermediates, and has accumulated many engineering technologies and rich experiences. It has possessed the technical advantages in terms of the scale-up and localization of the production technologies of nitrochlorobenzene and chlorobenzene, etc. The company has gained preliminary technical advantages in the engineering design for the deep processing of petrochemicals and organic chemicals, like C5 separation, C5 resins production and 1-4 butanediol, etc. through the cultivation and development of new design fields. As for lube oil and fine chemicals production, the company has undertaken some of engineering design and project management for the construction of lube oil or lubricant projects for ExxonMobil, BP, Total and some domestic enterprises. In addition, the company has also accumulated abundant experiences in the engineering design, project management and project supervision for the production of pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates, paints, coating and daily use chemicals, which cover: (1) chemical products of benzene series; (2) deeply processed petrochemical products; (3) synthetic fiber monomer, synthetic rubber, new chemical material; (4) fine chemicals like lube oil, etc.

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