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     Sinopec Nanjing Engineering & Construction Incorporation (SNEI for short) was reconstructed through the merging of the Second Construction Company of Sinopec and Sinopec Nanjing Design Institute in June 2009. The merger is made to achieve synergy between two strong players by optimizing allocation of resources, adjusting business structure, and integrating the competitive edges in their respective fields.

       SNEI, an integrated and international engineering company, is engaged in engineering, EPC, and professional construction, provides its customers both at home and abroad with technical and management services centering on its patents, proprietary technologies and process design packages. Its main business is positioned in the philosophy of "providing domestic and international customers with specialized and professional services by utilizing the integrated strength while concentrating on its core business". The core business of SNEI covers the following three blocks:

Ø    Modern coal chemical industry, natural gas industry, environmental protection and clean energy, sulfuric acid and phosphate fertilizer and other inorganic chemicals, utilities, downstream processing of petrochemical products and fine chemical, starting from engineering design;

Ø    Project general contracting (principally in the form of EPC and PMC), project management, engineering service and consulting, and construction supervision;

Ø    Installation of petrochemical plants, centering on the so-called “four large’s and one special”, i.e., lifting and installation of large equipment; installation of large machine trains; installation of large storage tanks; installation of large DCS/ESD; and welding of special materials as well.

      As a hi-tech enterprise applicant, SNEI is dedicated to technical advance and innovation. SNEI has over 900 researchers and engineers, over 1,600 project technical and management personnel, and over 2,600 skilled operators. SNEI is a leader in R&D, design, project management and construction in China.

      SNEI is a subsidiary of Sinopec, registered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province with a registered capital of 556,005,000 Yuan.

      The business development strategy of SNEI is developed to meet the market demand based on the development planning of China’s petrochemical industry and the State industrial policies, and improve its management system and operation mechanism according to the standard of modern enterprise system. SNEI is dedicated to carrying out its business activities with the purpose to add value to the state-owned assets granted by Sinopec Group, provide its domestic and international customers with quality products and excellent services by adhering to principles of credibility and faithfulness, and build a harmonious enterprise serving the society and benefiting employees.


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